Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Signs Fall is Here

1. The changing leaves, suddenly yellows and oranges everywhere!

2. The crunch beneath your feet as you walk, those same leaves all over the place!

3. Apple everything! We've been to two orchards and I'm still loving it!

4. A 20 degree drop in temperature in 2 days! Crazy!

5. Sweaters. They have been hauled out and the tanks put away.

6. Yellow and brown crops. Since we live in the country we see corn and beans everywhere that certainly have that autumn look!

7. Down comforter. It has been put back on the bed as these nights are getting chilly!

8. The heat is on. Yep, we finally caved when it got down to 40 the other night...whew, chilly!

9. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. So all the stores are making way for their Christmas stuff already. Yesterday I was in Kohl's and their was Christmas music playing. A little early if you ask me.

10. Darker colored clothes. Have you noticed the color of clothes changes in the fall. It seems like a lot of Earth tones and just darker shades. Good bye pinks, whites and pastels. Hello greens, creams and oranges.

11. Comfort food. All of a sudden I've been wanting to make chili's and pot pies. Definitely a sign the season is changing. I've even been dreaming about baking cookies lately!

12. Shorter days. Yep, the days are definitely getting shorter. I've been noticing it as I give the peanut earlier baths and feel like bed time should be a lot earlier than it used to be. I will say the peanut does not notice this and disagrees wholeheartedly that it should come sooner!

13. Allergy season. I have asthma so whew, these time of year wreaks havoc on my system, got some issues going on. I still love it though and look forward to fall every year!

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Brenda ND said...

You've done a great job capturing fall. Happy TT!

Toni said...

Happy t13! I love all things fall. Mine is up at A Daily Dose.
A Daily Dose of Toni

Elizabeth said...

We just had homemade chili the other day, and it was WONDERFUL! Nothing like cooler days to actually enjoy cooking and baking again! :)

Gattina said...

Your TT is hard to read, the font color and the background color are almost the same ! Sorry !

maggies mind said...

Ah, yes, autumn. You and I wrote almost the same post for a lot of the same reasons. Great minds and all that, right? :)

Kealie Shay said...

*sigh* This was a fun list, but I live somewhere where the seasons don't really change like this. A part of me wishes for the changing leaves, but the other part (the Desert Rat that gets cold REALLY easy) loves the fact that it's still in the upper 80s sometimes 90s still.

Thanks for stopping by my list today! Your Peanut is gorgeous.

On a limb with Claudia said...

I hope this fall is enjoyable! And your allergies aren't too awful!

creative gal said...

FALL is here! Thanks for sharing!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Here in Kentucky Autumn starting peeking around the corners about a month ago. She is in full swing now as well and we are loving every moment of it!
I loved all your descriptions!

Rebecca said...

oooh...i love fall, too!

thanks for the name comment :). i love having a name to call my baby even while in the womb. i do remember your blog when lilla insisted on anna for her sister's name. so sweet!

Carrie said...

Love your list, especially #7.
Our computer is still dead. I'm at a friend's house right now, using her laptop. We had to order a whole new system. We should have it by Wednesday or Thursday.
Hope you're having a good weekend!!

Jackie Sue said...

I LOVE the cooler weather, though not quite a 20 degree drop in Dallas. More like a 10 degree drop, but I'll take it! Nothing says FALL in Dallas like 80 degrees! :)

I haven't been to an apple orchard in ages and need to find one. I love me a good pumpkin patch, though!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Amy, just coming by to check on you, wanted to know how you and the little family were doing and hoping that momma was feeling okay these days! How far along are you now? I know you must be getting so excited, right? Im am for you sweet friend, love to you and you have been in my thoughts lately!