Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Funnies

At MOPS on Friday, when I went to pick up the peanut, the workers were all commenting to me on what a character the peanut is. This is no surprise to me as I have been told it many times before. She provides the entertainment I tell you. For example:

On Sunday at church, we had her sitting with us during worship, there was a quiet moment when all of a sudden she stands on the pew and announces to anyone who might be listening, "The racoon killed the chicken." Completely unprovoked, we have no idea where it came from. Giggles were heard all around.

Then we were on the road, my husband was driving and paying attention to things off the road. We almost went off roading at this point so I said, "Michael pay attention to the road." Just then I hear from the backseat, "Daddy needs to pay attention to the road."

Finally, my most favorite of the day, we are driving to Michael's parents for the day and decided to grab something to eat on the way since lunch wouldn't be for a few hours. I couldn't decide what I wanted when I hear a little voice behind me say, "We need to eat at Taco Bell for Daddy." Particularly funny since my husband is always saying, "Let's just go to Taco Bell." Yeah, she sure is my little sponge!

What is making you laugh today?


Cyndi said...

Like my moms friend always says, she's got personality!

The funniest thing my daughter says is to her dad- use it or loose it- off the rogain commercials. Only it come out muse it or loose it. He glares at me every time like I told her to say it or something. (which i did NOT)

snpnmnmi said...

M rolls her eyes, cocks her head and says "helloooooo?!" And she's always very happy to tell you the state of her butt... I have a little butt... I have an itchy butt... my butt hurts...
Aww, they're fun at this age!
And yes! Very thankful that prayer is a direct power line! :)
Tammy :):):)