Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Funny

So the last few days have been filled with lots of runny noses, watery eyes, high temperatures and an all together feeling of yuckiness for my poor peanut. So we've been laying in bed watching lots of movies, going through ridiculous amounts of Kleenex and cuddling for hours on end.

I think she is on the mend but there is still a bit of a cough, a low grade fever and a runny nose. I've been giving her a Children's Cold and Allergy medicine, grape flavored liquid, that she seriously likes, and seems to work for everything but the fever.

So a few minutes ago, I hear next to me in this pathetic little stuffed up voice, "Mommy, I need my medicine to get my boogies out." Followed up by, "I don't like boogies."

Me either Lilla, me either!

And earlier she was standing on a stool in the kitchen when I suddenly realized how itty bitty she is. (I can forget that sometimes) So I said to her, "Lilla, you are so tiny!" She looked at me and announced, "I not tiny, I a big sister!"

And, how cute is that?


amy said...

she sounds just precious

creative gal said...

That is way too cute!! Tell her I don't like "boogies" either!