Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Lilla!


Happy Birthday my beautiful little girl!!


About a month ago, I met some young women who had lost their children due to a condition named Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  I have really been moved by their stories and how much those short times and "little things" meant to them.  I became very thankful for the last year that I've had with Lilla and so I decided to do something a little different to commemorate her birthday than the usual 1 year old birthday party.  Below is the copy of the letter I sent out to our friends and family for this blessed occasion.


Lilla is Turning 1!!!

On February 8th, our little Lilla is going to be a whole year old! We are so excited and want to celebrate in a very special way!

Because we have been blessed so much, we want to bless others. We have decided not to have a birthday party, but to do something a little different to commemorate this particularly happy day.

Our family is planning on using the money we would have for a party and birthday presents and instead donate it to the Ronald McDonald house, a home away from home for families of sick children. We are asking that everyone else do the same. Even if you were just going to pay for gas to get here, please consider any donation! If you do, please send Lilla a card and let her know! We plan on giving these cards to Lilla when she is older so she will know that her sacrifice made the life of other children and their families better.

Thank you so much for your love for Lilla and for these families of extra special kids!

Love, The Hornek Family

The Ronald McDonald House, 435 Limestone St.,

Indpls, IN 46202



We've had some differing feedback on our choice, but in our hearts we really feel good about helping other people and teaching Lilla that it is better to give than to receive.  We truly hope she carries it for the rest of her life.


Take care all, and have a great night!!

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Mike said...

That's a really nice thing you did with Lilla's b-day. Giving so others can have some comfort is special. My hat's off to you for doing this.