Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Meme 41 : 2006-04-02 : Spring Forward

1. List 3 things you like about spring:

1. Warmer temperatures

2. My toes not freezing

3. The snow melting

(do you sense a theme?)

2. List 3 things you hate about spring:

1. Allergies

2. My birthday, I'm getting older people!

3. Rain

3. Do you set your clocks forward in the spring? Do you think it is a good idea?

yes and yes

4. Do you have allergies in the spring? Do you take any allergies medications?

yes and yes. It aggravates my asthma so I usually wind up having a few trips to Dr. Gemma

5. What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

My tulips coming back in full force!

I was the 5,022th person to take this week's Monday Meme!

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Rachel Briggs said...

enjoyed this post, and great blog - thanks for the kind comment you left on mine...