Thursday, March 15, 2007

All is well

Today was Lilla's ear tube day. The poor thing has had so many infections, it just had to be done. I was worried because, although it's routine, it's still surgery and they still use an anesthetic so, well, I'm a mom. You know how that goes!

Anyway, we got there around 6:30am. Woke up at 5, it was seriously not pretty. I heard the alarm clock and just laid there. Michael started out gently trying to wake me, it slowly got louder and more intense until he nearly had to shove me off the bed to get me moving. I am so not a morning person! I was actually awake the whole time, I just didn't want to move.

So we go to Riley, which is seriously one of the best children's hospitals in the world. In little old Indiana, who knew? Anyway, we go there and it's so early there is hardly anyone around and I got lost, of course. It took me ten minutes to figure out the elevators aren't working. So, I go down the only stairs I can find and I wind up in the furnace area or something. Oh yeah, leave it to me. So, I hike back up the stairs and as I am confusingly trying to figure out on a map how to get to outpatient, a kind soul walking past took pity on me and helped me out. I did finally find the place and Michael shortly followed. He was parking the car, in a garage way far away as, apparently, he was confused too. Oh well, I guess we could use the excercise, right?

Anyway, we got in, put the PJ's on the peanut, soon they came in to have us sign some forms, before we knew it they were taking her to the OR and had it done in a jiffy. Everything went well and, hopefully, she will have no more earaches! Yahoo! This was really one of the best hospital visits I have ever had. All of the staff was beyond friendly and helpful to us. I really don't have any complaints because they were so nice. I'm sure they hire people like that on purpose because it helps the kids feel so much more comfortable. For anyone who needs to have their kids go to a hospital, I would definitely recommend Riley!

We stayed for about an hour so they could monitor her. She just laid there and nursed the whole time. Although I'm trying to wean her, I'm glad I was still nursing today. She was scared when she came out and it really gave her comfort. Anyone who thinks you shouldn't use it for that, oh well. I feel like if that is the worst thing I do as a momma, I'm doing pretty good.

We took her out in this cute little cart they have at Riley, she loved it!

I think what this experience taught me more than anything is how happy I am to have a healthy child. There are so many sick kids out there and mine just had to have tubes. Although I think Riley is a terrific hospital, I hope we never have to visit again!

Have a good day all!


Andrea said...

She is such a cutie! Glad everything went well.

Becca L. said...

I hope she is feeling better and this takes care of the ear infections.

Aimee said...

My son got his tubes a year ago and this sounded so familiar to me! He was three at the time, and he was VERY aware that something was goin' down and it might not be all that fun. The worst part was when they took him away to put him under and he was looking over the doctor's shoulder crying "Mommy!" I was crying, too - and I was also 4 months pregnant, so that didn't help the hormones :)
But the tubes have worked out really well, and he was totally fine about 2 minutes after surgery, so I cannot complain.
Glad to hear things worked out well for you guys, too.

Marcia said...

Wind back to about 1980, our son, close to 2, had tubes (and, yes, they solved all the problems!), but he was so young they gave him Valium in the office, I had to watch him like a hawk, because once it really kicked in, he couldn't sit up well, then they did it in the office with him wrapped up in what they called a papoose. . . he was NOT a happy kid, but all the high fevers and sick stomachs from the ear infections never returned. . . (They said had he been a little older he would have it done in the hospital.)

Amy Jane said...

I know what you mean about being glad your close-to-weaning still nursed.

I was about 3 1/2 months pg when my #1 turned one, and we had to fly from AK to NM. I was soooo glad she was still nursing. Simplified my life immensely.