Friday, March 09, 2007

Lilla Lesson #692

OK, so I actually don't know how many lessons God has taught me through my precious daughter in the last 13 months, but I know the number has to be pretty high. It seems every day is overflowing with things that God wants me to see and learn to grow closer to him. Today was no exception.

So, let me paint the picture for you. Lately Lilla has been very clingy to me so the only way for me to get a quick shower in the morning is to put on our Laurie Berkner band dvd. (for those of you without little kids for a long time, it's this 3 man band, of sorts, that sing and dance little kid style. Little kids love it and it keeps there attention for a bit, which, I need sometimes so I can take a shower. The songs are really cute so I approve of this.) Anyway, I take a quick shower and by the time I am out Lilla is coming down the hall to find me. I pull out Lilla's toys from under the bed, she plays for a few minutes and then comes in the bathroom while I dry my hair. Of course, she wants me to hold her, which I can't at the moment, so I put her on the sink. See before picture.

Well today she decided she was getting bored of just sitting there brushing her teeth, so she thought it would be a good idea to get into the sink. She'd get in, couldn't get out, get frustrated, yell and scream until I took her out and then do it all again. Ugh!

I started thinking about this in relation to me and how many times God has to get me out of the same sticky situations because I just don't learn. I keep going back for that "sink" because I just can't resist it. And then, when I can't get myself out I kick and scream and whine and say, "Why me?!?!" Oh, but God is so loving and kind to lift me out again and again. Won't it be nice on that final day when we will never sit in "the sink" again? I can hardly wait!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Andrea said...

What a neat analogy! And so true!

About your comment on my blog...
Totally okay if you didn't read it all - that's what my disclaimer was all about.

I do want you to know that this is the first Beth Moore book I read. And by far, the most personal book I have ever read. I HIGHLY recommend it. The Holy Spirit speaks directly to your heart about your issues - that is, if you have any, which I definitely do, but maybe you don't. :)

Anyway, thanks for the honesty and for stopping by AND for commenting!

YoungMommy said...

Isn't it amazing how God uses our children to teach us?
Great story... I love how you related it to your own experiences!
Have a blessed Sunday,