Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seasons Change

I think I am going through a season of not being all that interested in blogging anymore. I may have overdone it as I was totally in love and obsessed with it for a time. I find myself doing that with a lot of things. I become enthralled and passionate about them and then overtime burn out and quit. It was one of the reasons I wasn't sure if I should get married. I had done that with many boyfriends previous to my husband and I was concerned it would happen again. Fortunately, I will be married 3 years next week and there is no such sign of that happening!

Anyway, it makes for some pretty boring blogging lately, but, I don't feel alone. I feel like a lot of my blogging buddies are in the same place in their blogging lives. Maybe it will be for a season, maybe forever. I really love to write and it does give me such a creative outlet, so I am by no means stopping, I just feel a need to explain why my blog title fits so well right's all just blah, blah, blah it seems. No real substance! Also, my blogwalking is few and far between and I think that may explain why I'm not visiting quite as much.

I also feel like the warmer weather has kept me away. I just want to be enjoying the fresh air, the outside and long walks. It has really been great in that way!

Lilla has enjoyed being outside, but she has been such a bear lately! She refuses to eat anything so I believe she is hungry all the time. Also, with the addition of all these teeth I really believe she is in pain. We are keeping the asthetaminaphine companies in business I tell ya! Hey, I know that was spelled way wrong and I'm okay with that! Anyway, her constant crying and fussing has worn me out and I feel like I have nothing left to give at the end of each day. I'm so tired all the time. I'm praying to God that He will give me the patience I need to not be frustrated with her. I love her so much and I don't want our relationship to be one where I'm constantly getting aggravated. I honestly don't know how parents with collicky babies do it! It would be so hard! Also, Michael is in Denver all this next week so life just got a little crazier. I am going to be pretty busy, I made sure of that, so I think the week will go pretty fast anyway!

Well anyway, I just thought I'd check in. I hope you all have a great week!


NspiredByFaith said...

I can totally relate to the blog blahs! I have only been blogging for a short time, but sometimes it is hard to post on my own blog, much less do any visiting! My baby is teething too, so I can relate on that front too! He has been such a good eater from the very beginning and now sometimes it seems like he barely eats all day! It's very frustrating and hard to remember he can't help it..I hope you have a great week!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I hope you continue to enjoy your family and only blog when it's fun! And not meaning to tempt you or anything, but it's time for another Photo Tag! Post about the bag you carry!

(Only if you're up to it!)


Twisted Cinderella said...

I have been there. I go through cycles where blogging is completely addictive and times when it is almost like work. But I push through because I have so many great blog friends and it does get to be fun again.

Suzanne said...

You said what I have been feeling. Of course a big part is adding another baby and spending a lot of my time nursing. And since I'm not skilled at one handed typing...We started back up with our Home school lessons this morning. I'm surprised the kids remembered all they did. Sorry Lilla is so uncomfortable right now, that does make it very tiring on both of you. Hope today is a better day.

YoungMommy said...

Oh, I can so empathize with the fussy baby thing! My little Ben is cutting his molars right now; one on each side, on the bottom... Ugggh! He doesn't sleep well and all he wants is his bottle (which he only usually gets at bedtime) and crackers. And he is so clngy!

Just remember, Amy, that this is a season that shall pass quickly...
Having teething little ones is truly no fun, but don't be discouraged. Remember that you CAN do all things through Christ who gives you strength!

Oh, and the blogging thing.... Blogging shouldn't be a chore! Only write when you want to write and visit when you can. This is supposed to be fun, remember??

Know that I am praying for you!

Heidi said...

Hi. I came here via the Photo Hunt, but I read this first and wanted to comment. Lately I think a lot of bloggers are taking mini breaks. It has made me think that I should blog a little less so that I don't get burnt out. Do it because you want to, not because you feel you have to have a certain blog, etc etc etc.
I'm sure you'll find your niche again. :)